Support Overview

Here when you need us

Here when you need us

Our dedicated service team is here to provide support whenever you need it. We provide a range of support packages, all tailored to your site, your team and your specific needs.

From reactive support - ideal for sites requiring only minimal maintenance - to total care packages incorporating regular maintenance to keep your system performing at its best, our diligent and responsive team will take care of everything.

There’s more information about the support we provide below. To talk to us about tailoring a support package to your organisation, get in touch, or click here to access our online maintenance database.

For support queries, please call +44 (0)1653 698844 or email

ST Secure

How can ST Secure benefit you?

At Swinton Technology, we understand that data management and security is vital to our customers, so we decided to release ST Secure, a futureproof system integrity offering designed to protect every aspect of your system.

ST Secure is a range of carefully considered services developed over many years of providing industry-leading support on metering computer systems. The three sectors: IT Security, Technical Support and System Robustness, evaluate the key risks to your system. This enables Swinton Technology to deliver a fully customisable support package.

How 'ST Secure' is your metering computer system? 

Complete our Swinton Technology Checklist to see how at risk your metering system could be.

If you wish to find out more about our beneficial services, take a look at the ST Secure Brochure.

ST Secure

Sharing our metering knowledge and expertise

We have many years’ experience within the oil and gas metering sector which gives us a wealth of knowledge, covering many topics and technologies. Using this knowledge, we have developed a range of training courses aimed at a wide audience from new starters and apprentices right through to more experienced metering technicians and engineers.

All of our courses can be held at our offices in the UK, Dubai or Malaysia - or at your site, including offshore installations.

Our Metering Training Courses

We offer a selection of courses, all of which can be tailored to your team and requirements. Below are just a few of the courses that we offer:

Live Uncertainty 

+  Communications 

+  Metering Principles 

+  Introduction to Flow Metering

+  Flow Calculations and Standards

Take a look at the Metering Training page here to find out more information or contact us directy to discuss your training needs.

ST Secure

24/7/365 flow monitoring equipment support

We are proud to offer a round-the-clock support service, delivered on a global basis every day of the year using our highly experienced dedicated service team and a network of engineers operating from our UK and Middle East offices.

Leveraging a combination of engineers available to mobilise globally, remote connectivity capability, telephone support and the use of virtual machines to replicate systems offline mean we can respond quickly and efficiently, wherever you are operating and whatever the problem.

Our proactive support packages cover:

  • Legacy equipment hardware support
  • Windows patch management
  • Onsite health checks
  • Remote health checks
  • Spares management
  • Virtualised system back-up
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
  • Site surveys and FEED

Our reactive support covers:

  • Guaranteed mobilisation to site
  • Telephone support
  • Access to the Swinton Technology maintenance database
  • Comprehensive fault-finding: electrical, communications, computer systems & networking
  • Spares holding
  • Fast response and high availability

Contact us to find out more or click here to access the online maintenance database.

ST Secure

Your flow monitoring system in safe hands

Proactive maintenance gives you peace of mind that whatever happens, our experienced engineers will be on hand to help.

A support contract gives you direct access to our wealth of knowledge, allowing for comprehensive forward planning and risk mitigation. Our preventative maintenance activities, such as patch testing and system health checks, ensure that your system is always working at its best and help identify small problems before they become unmanageable.

We offer many proactive support services as part of our support contracts, and can also offer them separately on request. Outlined below are some of the most popular proactive package components:

  • Patch testing
  • Health checks
  • Spares management
  • Virtual machines
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
  • FEED and system audit consultation

If you would like more details on any of our proactive support packages, or to enquire about tailoring a flow monitoring equipment maintenance package to your site and requirements, please contact us.

For support, please telephone: +44 (0)1653 698844 or email


ST Secure

When every hour counts

We offer reactive support from our team of experienced engineers, who can be mobilised quickly in the event of an issue on site. We know that speed of response can be key to minimising the disruption caused by metering computer system issues.

We have a dedicated service support team that can respond within an agreed time period. This can also extend to dispatching engineers to site if needs be. We offer this high response approach to every client, regardless of your original system supplier. Our range of web-based support tools and remote connectivity capability also help us to operate efficiently and provide support from our offices across the globe.

Our reactive support services include:

  • Guaranteed mobilisation
  • Office hours support
  • 24x7 support
  • MDB login utility
  • Remote support
  • A dedicated team

If you would like more information on any of the options below, or to find out about other services we could provide, please contact us.

For support queries, please telephone: +44 (0)1653 698844 or email

ST Secure

Enhanced metering support

Over the years, we have built a dedicated Maintenance Database (MDB) solely to support our customers. This database holds detailed support information for each site and provides a call logging and audit trail facility that is accessible by clients globally as well as our engineers.

The MDB acts as a first port of call for your team - site technicians, technical authorities or managers - to access rich data. Its primary functions are to raise and track all reported faults to ensure that there is an audit trail and to measure our response times and performance resolving issues. However, the MDB also allows you to review key system information in one place, such as the latest FDS, ATM, system drawings and passwords, which can be invaluable.

The MDB provides additional information such as system recommendations, site visit reports and details of supplier bulletins on the equipment you have installed on site. It also includes contact information to enable any operator to quickly get to the correct person in our service team, alongside out of hours contact details.

The database can also automatically generate an email on the creation of a reported item, which is very useful for TAs with responsibility for multiple assets.

Click here to access the MDB or contact us to find out more.

ST Secure

Giving you the support you need directly from our headquarters

At Swinton Technology we understand the requirement to keep projects on track, particularly where there is a time-sensitive, fast track or plant shutdown dependency requirement. So in order to provide our valuable services for our customers around the world we now offer Virtual Factory Acceptance Tests (vFATs). Not only is this option safer during this climate, it is also financially beneficial as vFATs eliminate travel costs too.

For more information about how we operate vFATs please click here or take a look at our vFAT Flyer


ST Secure

Uniquely placed to help

We are in the unique position of being able to support many system technologies, even those originally supplied by other integrators. We can often offer support on equipment that has long been discontinued, even when the original supplier is unable to offer it.

Expert support, at every stage of your equipment lifespan

Every support contract customer benefits from ‘basic’ obsolescence management support. We advise on a quarterly basis on obsolescence of major system components (namely the flow computer and the Metering Supervisory Computer), with relevant information included in the quarterly report, along with predicted obsolescence and support expiry dates.

Customers taking up ‘enhanced’ obsolescence management support receive detailed reports on all current site equipment. They also receive migration paths for moving onto supported equipment, taking both budget constraints and impact to site operations into consideration. We can be as involved as you need us to be, moving from initial identification of an obsolescence issue to full mitigation of the issue.

For customers who cannot come out of obsolescence, we can offer short term, ‘best endeavours’, support for obsolete flow computer hardware using our stock of reconditioned equipment. We supply parts free of charge to clients with maintenance contracts, either when rectifying faulty equipment or to provide spare computers.

Up to now, we have successfully satisfied every customer’s request for the repair or replacement of legacy equipment. We encourage clients to release their redundant legacy spares to us, so a centralised hub of flow computing spares can be held to support the oil and gas community in the future.

For more information about legacy support, or to talk to us about handing over your legacy spares, contact us or click here to access the online maintenance database.

ST Secure

Helping you stay one step ahead

We recognise our duty of care to keep you informed of any supplier, manufacturer or company bulletin that may impact your system, e.g. future hardware and software obsolescence, industry IT security concerns or changes to support.

Working closely with many of the key metering equipment suppliers, we are in the unique position of learning about issues early on, and can share this information with you. We also believe in keeping you up to date with our latest service offerings and advances in support.

We subscribe to the ethos of a learning community, where customers can feedback industry-related concerns and we can pass them on to others. If you have any such feedback that you feel could benefit others, please get in touch and let us know.

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ST Secure

Stay secure with Swinton Technology

We value our security and that of our customers. To minimise risks posed to Swinton Technology from cyber-attacks, we have implemented thorough security processes and procedures within our business environment. We are proud to announce our official Cyber Essentials certification. Find out more about Cyber Essentials here.



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