Setting new standards in oil and gas metering

TruST is a market-leading intuitive Metering Supervisory Computer for site engineers, operators and technicians that brings flow computer, PLC and CBM data together to deliver peerless real-time monitoring and fiscally accurate flow measurement.

Designed, built and tested by our team of engineers, TruST is the result of our years of metering expertise and comes with our innovation and industry knowledge built-in. We are experts in this complex field, and our engineers are skilled in advising on suitable flow measurement technologies and optimum system architectures to ensure TruST provides our customers with a comprehensive, reliable and high-quality metering supervisory solution.

Our TruST Metering Supervisory Computer offers a number of key operational and financial benefits. Scroll down to see the range of features offered by TruST.

  • Integration with all major flow computer types
  • Communication with a wide range of flow measurement devices
  • An extensive library of mimics, to suit most metering applications
  • Emissions Reporting
  • Secure access through individual login accounts
  • Alarm and report management to industry standards
  • Redundant architectures
  • Metering Supervisory Computer driven valve control via a flow computer or PLC
  • Third party data links over Modbus, OPC or other protocols
  • A range of prover, sampler and batch sequencing applications
  • Live Uncertainty
  • Ultrasonic Meter (USM) diagnostics
  • Capability to support a Precise virtual flow computing solution
  • Independent stream and station totalisation
  • Customised metering displays, alarms and reports
  • Metering Supervisory Computer generated flow and time weighted averages
  • Automated stream switching or flow balancing
  • Flow computer constants management and download
  • Fully integrated Prognosis DP meter diagnostics
  • Mismeasurement reporting capabilities
  • Custom Station Overviews

  • Alarm pages featuring sorting and grouping

  • Station Overview including batching and line switching

  • Report Management

  • Configurable Trending

  • Duty Totals

  • Uncertainty

  • Master Meter Control

The future of TruST

Our TruST user interface has been developed to take advantage of the latest available metering and software technologies. It is graphically rich, intuitive to use and has more flexible features.

Notable new features and improvements include:

Flexible navigation / Pinnable tabbed interface / Scalable interface / Multi-window support / Emissions reporting / Rich set of industry-specific widgets / Improved historic trending feature / Advanced filters on alarm and report pages / Histograms indicating alarm alerts

Together the rich feature set and design provide a modern, immersive and dynamic user interface tailored towards the petrochemical industry. 

Click on the red buttons below and see more TruST features.

Customisation Options
TruST Faceplate
3D Mimics & Icons

Our experienced measurement engineers have worked extensively in metering, and understand exactly what you need your metering system to do. This in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience is the foundation for a superior metering supervisory computer system.


At Swinton Technology, we are aware that there is global commitment needed make the world a more sustainable place. So, we are stepping up to current environmental demands and making necessary changes within our business to be more eco-friendly and reduce our CO2 output. In addition, we are consciously working with energy companies who are doing the same.

By prioritising Emissions Monitoring, companies in the oil and gas industry can strengthen their reputation, attract socially conscious investors, and forge sustainable partnerships, ultimately paving the way for long-term growth and resilience in an increasingly carbon-constrained world.

Our solution provides you with a clear view of your sites emissions along with automated emissions reports, effortlessly.

Find out more information about Emissions Monitoring here.


We offer Live Uncertainty as a standalone solution, added into existing TruST supervisory systems, or as an integrated system for brownfield supervisory upgrades or greenfield installations.

TruST's Live Uncertainty modules provide real-time uncertainty analysis for your metering instruments and systems. As well as assuring that a system is operating in compliance with the contractual requirements, having a live calculation of flow uncertainty provides the following benefits:

  • Meter performance can be optimised
  • Calibration intervals can be extended
  • Warning alarms can be raised as soon as your uncertainty reaches chosen limit.
  • Reduce exposure and cost of operation
  • Mitigate the risk to profitability
  • Enhances the reliability of data

Using an IEC-61131-3 configuration environment, uncertainty function blocks are configured by our engineers to suit your metering architecture. The calculation modules which have the greatest influence on the uncertainty in flow rate (such as DP on an orifice metering system) are calculated at a higher frequency than those which do not change significantly and require more significant processing, such as the sensitivity coefficients. This provides a near real-time update of uncertainty which can be displayed and integrated to provide the uncertainty for a batch or measurement period.

Take a look at our Live Uncertainty brochure here to find out more.




TruST gives you outstanding measurement accuracy in accordance with industry standards. It enables you to collate information from all of your flow computers, PLCs and CBM diagnostics into a single, central graphical user interface. 


Using our own ST103A Data Acquisition Module (a high precision I/O device), TruST can provide fiscally accurate flow measurement for oil and gas metering, removing the need for traditional flow computers. Removing this additional layer of flow computers allows you to save both capital and operational expenditure, while still retaining measurement accuracy. TruST has positively transformed industry processes and continues to deliver revenue savings for clients across the world.


TruST can be specifically tailored to meet your needs and requirements, and it is unique in its ability to integrate with a range of different flow computer systems, making it an effective choice for all oil or gas measurement installations. Our years of experience in developing metering applications mean we have the skills and know-how to integrate TruST with a wide range of different flow computer devices. Our engineers are experienced in the configuration of most flow computers, including the S600+, OMNI 6000, Flow-X, and the Ex~I SFC 3000. TruST is proven with each of these flow computers and can also be adopted alongside an even wider range of flow measurement devices using Modbus Serial, TCP/IP or OPC protocols.


TruST gives you an unparalleled range of measurement criteria and reporting options. Put simply, it puts all of the vital management information you need at your fingertips, so that you can see, at any given time, exactly how efficiently and profitably your plant is operating. Offering enhanced metering performance, TruST provides more than just a window to view your flow computer data, it provides real time monitoring and accessibility and offers ways of enhancing both measurement performance and metering system control.


Access to the TruST system is via individual login accounts, which means your metering information remains secure and only available to a select number of users. All flow measurement data received into TruST is stored securely in the TruST metering database. ST also routinely implement further security enhancements in TruST to align with customer IT and networking requirements.


TruST is a proven virtual solution for the oil and gas industry, providing measurement accuracy in accordance with ISO, API, EI and OIML standards. This in turn negates the requirement for installing traditional flow computers and reduces both capital and operational costs for our customers.



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Our hardware and software products provide outstanding performance in flow measurement and metering, including real-time condition based monitoring.



We offer comprehensive support for metering assets, along with training courses that can be tailored to your flow measurement systems and operations.



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