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In 2011, in partnership with DP Diagnostics, we launched Prognosis: the world’s first Condition Based Monitoring package for DP meters. 

Prognosis enables the DP meter to once again rival the ‘smart technology’ of the Ultrasonic and Coriolis meters. It is a unique, powerful, and industrially proven condition based monitoring solution for DP meters, providing real-time meter validation and greatly reducing the risk of measurement errors.

As well as giving meter accuracy assurance for all types of DP meter (Orifice, Venturi, Cone, Wedge, Flow Nozzle), Prognosis can be used as the basis of a risk-based maintenance strategy, as encouraged in the UK by the Oil and Gas Authority.

Proven in both independent laboratory tests and live field trials in both the UK and USA, Prognosis has been adopted by major oil and gas operators around the world for use on fiscal and non-fiscal DP meters, onshore and offshore.

In addition to Prognosis, we also have the Prognosis Micro avaialable. The Prognosis Micro is an updated, yet natural development to the Prognosis story. This easily configured module is a sophisticated and flexible solution that can be installed in a variety of locations and enclosures, thus removing the need to have Prognosis running on a separate workstation.

The unit not only stores the Prognosis application, it also provides other verification features useful to DP metering. No complex configuration is required and much like the smart metering heads found on other meters, e.g. ultrasonic meters, prognosis micro provides intelligent metering right where is it needed.

For further details about the Prognosis Micro take a look at our datasheet below: 

Prognosis Micro Datasheet



  • Diagnosing Faulty DP reading

  • Diagnosing Leaking Manifold

  • Diagnosing Meter Obstruction

  • Diagnosing Worn Orifice Plate

  • Prognosis Showing Healthy Meter

  • TruST Display With Integrated Prognosis

Prognosis offers the following key benefits:

Prognosis offers the following key benefits:
  • Peace of mind that your DP meter is working correctly
  • Eliminating unnecessary inspections and equipment downtime
  • Cost saving potential by identifying and thereby reducing measurement errors
  • Ease of setup and configuration
  • Intuitive to use – familiar interface styles and a simple traffic light alert system
  • Automatic SMS and email alerts if an alarm is raised
  • Flexibility: Prognosis is suitable for use in safe or hazardous areas and as a mobile solution
  • Intelligent diagnostics using patented algorithms
  • Installation and setup support from an experienced team


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