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Flow Computer Projects

Flow Computer Projects

We have comprehensive experience of delivering bespoke and complex metering projects and system upgrades, from small installations to larger multi-site turnkey projects. To date, we have supplied engineered solutions to onshore and offshore clients across 60 countries, covering applications for:

  • Offshore platforms
  • Onshore production fields
  • Onshore terminals
  • Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Vessels
  • Metering tank farms
  • Gas storage and compressor stations
  • Tanker loading facilities
  • Refineries
  • Power plants
  • Above ground installations
  • Transportation pipelines
  • Carbon capture

Whether it’s a full design and build project or a system upgrade or migration, we offer advice and support across the entire product spectrum, alongside our own proprietary TruST, Precise and MeterSuite metering solutions and our condition-based monitoring software, Prognosis.

We give you the widest choice of technologies available on the market, backed by unrivalled industry knowledge, expertise and support. Find out more below or contact us to find out how we can support you on your next project.

Independent flow computing advice

Independent flow computing experts at your disposal

Our flow computer and metering supervisory system expertise spans many of the leading industry technologies, as a company that over the years has installed and supported almost every flow computer technology we can claim to be completely independent.

Most customers already know which technology they would like to use on their project, however if they do not, we are happy to advise and discuss the best technology to fit the customer budget and technical requirement. We have engineered projects with all major flow computers and can advise the best solution for each project, be it an upgrade or a complete new system.

As well as offering our own TruST system, we are also experienced in the following flow computer and metering technologies:

Flow Computers:

  • Daniel: 2000, 2200, 2508, Micro 5000
  • Elster: FC1
  • Newflow Nano
  • Emerson: S600, S600+, ROC 800
  • Entelec: E2000-10, E2000-20
  • Ex-I: SFC 3000
  • Honeywell: Experion C300, C200
  • Instromet: FCT 900, FC 910
  • Khrone: Summit 8800
  • Omni: 3000, 6000, 7000
  • Solatron: 7900, 7915
  • Spectra-Tek: S500, 869M, 869R, Quantum 869V
  • Spirit IT: Flow-X, Flow X/M, Flow X/S, Flow X/C, Flow X/P

Supervisory and PLC Technology:

  • Entelec: 2000-30, l ink 2000
  • Rockwell: CompactLogix, ControlLogix, MicroLogix, Micro800
  • Schneider: Modicon PLCs, Citect SCADA
  • Solartron: 7900
  • Spectratek: DEC Alpha, Sentinel S1000/S2000 Daniel - OMS, OMS+
  • Spirit IT: eXlerate
  • Honeywell: Experion C300, C200

In addition, we have developed a range of metering solutions which provide high standards of metering performance, up to and including fiscal measurement standards. Click to find out more about TruST, MeterSuite, Prognosis and Precise, or contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.

Independent flow computing advice

A reputation for success

We have built an industry-wide reputation as an upgrade specialist. Many of our completed systems worldwide are based on upgrades or refits of older metering computer systems.

Upgrading existing systems in online environments can be a real challenge. Over the years we have developed strategies and working practices that have established us as a leader in this field. Customers who have utilised our experience for live changeover projects include Shell, BP, Centrica, CNR International, ConocoPhillips, Repsol Sinopec, SAMREF and Saudi Aramco.

Our largest live cut-over projects include replacement of the CATS terminal metering system in the UK for BP, upgrade of all berths at SAMREF (Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery) in Yanbu, and upgrade of the Flotta Crude Oil Terminal system in the UK for Repsol Sinopec.

From oil platforms in the North Sea where older panels need to be refitted, to the installation of new panels into jetty systems in the Middle East, we create detailed installation and commissioning strategies that help to minimise system downtime and reduce the risk to on-site operations, whilst still allowing safe operation of the existing system whilst a phased cut-over is performed. We excel at strategic planning and working with our customers to create upgrades and live cut-overs with minimal downtime for their operations.

For years customers have come to us to upgrade systems and then install them in a live environment. Careful planning right from the initial project stages and close collaboration with customers ensure that we produce a solution that allows for a smooth installation and commissioning of the new metering system.

We produce detailed work packs and step-by-step I&C procedures for all of our projects, particularly those requiring work on live systems. This level of documentation gives our customers confidence in the work to be carried out and satisfies the strict requirements that operators have in place for working in control panels outside a shutdown.

Sometimes the answers to retrofitting older fixed in place panels require some innovative thinking, engineering of specialist gear-plates, pre-wired terminal blocks and harnesses etc. This allows equipment to be quickly mounted, reducing system downtime. These innovative solutions also allow unreliable older wiring and terminals to be removed. Panel space is a common issue often experienced during system upgrades, and wherever we can we will look to utilise existing equipment within the panel, where appropriate, or replace it in the most efficient manner possible. Once again, we discuss this with our customers at the earliest possible stage, giving a clear and efficient path to project completion.

Working within sites “permit to work” and adherence to health and safety are as important as a correctly engineered solution, and our engineers undergo constant refresher training to ensure this is the case.

Independent flow computing advice

Delivering cost effective, high performance solutions

As a specialist integrator experienced in the latest flow computing technologies, we are well placed to provide full turnkey project solutions for newly installed metering assets. This can be achieved in the form of individual metering computer systems, or in collaboration with our various partners who specialise in:

  • FEED stage consultancy services
  • Comprehensive metering skids packages
  • Field measurement transmitters and other instrumentation
  • Flow meters, including DP meters, turbines, Ultrasonics, Coriolis, etc.
  • Gas chromatographs, analyser houses, and associated maintenance services
  • Site wide control systems
  • Civil works

A new project offers us the opportunity to engage with our customers from FEED stage to deliver the most cost effective and up to date solution possible. As an independent integrator we have no preference on the flow computing technology selected, and therefore we are well placed to assist our clients in achieving the best technical solution to suit their specific requirements.

Extensive panel design experience

Our years of experience in electrical and panel design allow us to deliver a high quality metering package. We adhere to strict quality procedures, and our standards for panel and electrical design have been tailored to suit the requirements outlined by even the strictest of oil and gas operators.

Our system designs can vary substantially, often being customised to accommodate bespoke requirements on any given project. We have received very positive customer feedback on this on many of our projects, both in terms of meeting specifications at the project kick-off stage and allowing for any individual changes required during project implementation.

Helping you stay one step ahead

Smart metering and diagnostics, as well as a transition to newer forms of measurement technology, set an industry precedent which our clients often wish to incorporate as part of newer metering systems. Our engineers are routinely trained in the latest flow measurement technologies, and we have expanded on this by incorporating the latest available diagnostics for condition based monitoring within our own solutions.

In-depth testing ensures compliant solutions

We undertake extensive testing on all of our projects in three phases: in-house testing by our own qualified engineers, Factory Acceptance Testing with our customers prior to shipment, and Site Acceptance Testing as part of the installation and commissioning phase.

Where possible, we can provide for specific testing requirements, including hook-up testing with new flow meters, integration tests with mechanical packages and software testing alongside third party data systems such as site DCS and Historian packages. By delivering this level of testing we demonstrate that the system has met the specified requirements and ensure that when site installation work commences we are delivering a fully integrated and compliant metering system.

Independent flow computing advice

Giving you complete peace of mind

Our dedicated service team is here to provide support when you need it most, with support packages tailored around you.

Where only minimal ongoing maintenance is needed, our reactive support packages are the ideal choice. We provide support, quickly, to help solve any system problem. Where advanced support is beneficial, we provide an enhanced reactive service and more proactive complete care packages. Typically, our clients choose a combination of reactive and proactive support, which offers both emergency support and regular preventative maintenance to ensure your system continues to perform at its best.

The real peace of mind comes from knowing that if you have a technical issue all of the commercial details are agreed in advance, which means our team can get to work immediately, saving potential downtime and reducing risk to your operations. Our proactive maintenance packages also include unlimited telephone and email support, and discounts on simulation equipment and training courses.

For more information about our support packages, contact us. For support with a specific issue, call +44 (1)653 698844 or get in touch by email via

Independent flow computing advice

Reduced downtime flow computer upgrades

Upgrading legacy flow computers used to mean extensive downtime as the computers were removed, panels modified and wiring replaced to meet new requirements.

We developed a solution to this problem using prefabricated Interconnection Units (ICUs), the new flow computer becomes electronically and mechanically compatible with the flow computer it is replacing. This means that a flow computer can be changed over quickly, with no need to modify the panel wiring or shut down the plant.

The combined unit matches the existing flow computer cut-out, so no costly mechanical changes are needed to the panel. Each unit converts the signal levels to match the new flow computer requirements.

These ICUs are developed exclusively by our team and are available as part of our managed upgrade solutions.

Contact us to talk to our specialist team about reducing downtime on upgrade projects.



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