Giving you the best of both worlds

Our MeterSuite solution provides metering computer system functionality using standard Honeywell Distribution Control System (DCS) hardware and software. It enables the metering system to be integrated completely within a DCS using a single technology without the need for traditional flow computers.

Designed by DCS experts and leading oil and gas metering engineers, MeterSuite combines the best of two worlds. From Honeywell, the advanced technology, features and support you would expect from a leading DCS supplier with extensive experience in industrial automation and control. From Swinton Technology, the expertise of a leading force in engineering flow metering control systems with a vast pool of engineers that have worked with oil and gas fiscal and custody transfer metering systems for over 20 years. This collaboration between our two companies has been in existence since 2004.

  • Batch Control Display

  • Gas Export Overview

  • System Overview with stream switching

  • Fast Loop Sampling

  • Bi_di Prover Display

  • Prover Sequencing

The MeterSuite solution offers the following benefits:

  • With fewer systems to maintain, less training is required
  • With more functions inside the control system there is no external system and custom interface to maintain which eliminates a separate database, configuration and graphics building effort.
  • A standard user interface encourages users to observe its operation more closely
  • The C300 controller supports a wide variety of I/O, including analogue, remote, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART, allowing metering to follow the chosen approach to I/O
  • ISO, API and AGA calculations are loaded into the controller and can be upgraded, allowing the metering system to easily keep up with changing business and regulatory requirements
How is fiscal metering achieved within the Experion PKS?

How is fiscal metering achieved within the Experion PKS?

Metersuite is an integral part of the Experion® process knowledge system (PKS), utilising the C300 (redundant) controller as the fiscal point. This means there is no separate HMI, no separate PLC and no separate flow computers.

It provides accurate oil and gas calculations compliant with ISO, AGA, API MPMS and OIML standards, and is certified MID O17 and OIML R117.

Metersuite fully supports double precision numbers, and has fully customisable areas for incorporating specialist calculations that may be required at different sites. A fully scalable solution, it can be added to seamlessly or integrated into an existing Honeywell DCS system and can accommodate wireless transmitters, transmitters using fieldbus or other approved industry protocols.

Because MeterSuite can form part of the whole DCS system, there is no need for additional HMI with data existing across multiple systems. Data is handled within a single architecture, featuring Honeywell’s FTE (fault tolerant ethernet) for complete system redundancy.

Metersuite offers cost savings through a single simple architecture. It eliminates dedicated supervisory systems relying on flow computers. It has a reduced system footprint, as fewer control cabinets are required, and it offers training benefits as on site personnel only have to learn one systems operation.



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