Check your systems anytime, anywhere

Check your systems anytime, anywhere

No matter where you are, as long as you have access to WiFi you have access to EyeMet.
You can access EyeMet on a range of devices

You can access EyeMet on a range of devices

Laptop, tablet, mobile or PC. If a browser is available to you, EyeMet can be accessed.
Instrument List

Instrument List

See the state of your instruments and view dates and times for maintenance checks with just one click.
Expert documentation

Expert documentation

Staff records can be documented, ensuring that staff are always up to date on the latest training available to them
Interactive Map

Interactive Map

EyeMet displays a high level interactive map which displays the health of your systems within, click to drilldown to a detailed analysis.

About EyeMet

EyeMet is our brand-new metering Management Informa­tion System (MIS). It is a solution that provides a high-level overview of the status and performance of a company's metering systems online. The dashboards within the web application graphically repre­sent metering data to clearly illustrate information for metering technicians, metering engineers and managers, thus enabling appropriate and informed operational decisions to be made.

This state-of-the-art application gives you the ability to minimise uncertainty, which means improved accuracy, efficient production and ultimately increased profits for you and your company.

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With this feature, you can view live data for each stream and system that displays mass, volume, energy, uncertainty and exposure. No refreshing required.

The EyeMet user interface can be run on any standard web browser, which minimises the cost of ownership and IT complexity as no bespoke client software or licencing is required.

Provides simple access to system documentation including P&IDs, FDS, datasheets and system drawings.

  • Modbus, DNP3 and OPC DA interfaces to obtain metering data from flow computers, MSC, SCADA systems,  DCS, Plant Historians.
  • Gateway located at remote sites to obtain metering data from various sources and securely and efficiently transmit it to the server.
  • Email and SMS notification of specific status conditions.

EyeMet software produces key information at your fingertips which helps you run your assets and metering systems more efficiently.

EyeMet gives you the power to address metering issues as soon as they occur across multiple assets. This means reduced system downtime, fewer mis-measurement errors and ultimately improved profitability.

Staff records can be documented on EyeMet, and relevant personnel training will be made available to you for each system.

CBM feature is available for Differential Pressure (DP) meters, Ultrasonic meters, Coriolis meters and Gas Chromatographs.

EyeMet can be used on single-stream applications, single skid applications, multiple skid systems, for a specific region or country, or even for numerous sites on a global basis.

A single high-level interactive map showing the health of your system/systems. Bespoke rules determine the health conditions and can be defined during the implementation stage.

Eyemet Laptop View
Eyemet Phone View
Eyemet iPad View