Obsolescence Management

ST support many systems that were originally supplied by other companies where the equipment has long been discontinued and the original supplier is unable to provide a comprehensive support service.
ST can provide this support due to the varied background of our staff and, our commitment to provide high quality services.
It should be noted that support of, or supply of, legacy (obsolete) equipment is provided on a ‘best efforts’ basis, with no guarantee of remedial action, and software modifications to legacy equipment is not recommended.

Hardware Support of Legacy Equipment
We have a stock of second user equipment that has been recovered when upgrading systems, which we supply free of charge to clients with maintenance contracts either when rectifying clients faulty equipment or to provide spare computers.
Up to now we have successfully managed to satisfy all of our customers’ requests for the repair or replacement of legacy equipment, but this is becoming increasingly more difficult for some items.
Our stock of parts increases when we receive parts following an upgrade of a system that uses such equipment and reduces when we supply this equipment to our customers as and when they require it.
We encourage end users  to release their redundant legacy spares to Swinton Technology so a centralized hub of flow computing spares can be held in order to future support the Oil and Gas Community.