Swinton Technology & Technica partnership brings solutions for National Grid

National Grid has appointed Technica, in partnership with Swinton Technology, to provide support for a critical infrastructure project on the UK Gas Transmission Network. The joint project will deliver vital metering computer systems for the Nether Kellet and Aberdeen Compressor stations. Bringing their vast experience, and with a history delivering successful projects within the Oil and Gas sector, Swinton Technology was a natural choice to partner with Technica for this National Grid venture.

Discussing the contract award, Managing Director and Owner of Technica, John Davison commented, “I am delighted that National Grid have chosen Technica and our project partners Swinton Technology to lead this important work. It represents a significant development in our relationship with National Grid and proves their confidence in our processes and systems for this project. Our core value of creating key project partnerships is valuable for clients, and in this case National Grid will benefit from the metering computer systems knowledge brought by Swinton Technology.”

Ben Leach, Swinton Technology Managing Director added, “This is an exciting project to be involved with and we look forward to working alongside Technica and their team. As a leading global energy supply industry partner, we recognise the expertise Technica bring this scale of a project for National Grid and we are proud to support them.”

Ben continued, “This contract is a fantastic opportunity for both companies to work closely together bringing value to National Grid. It demonstrates our capabilities to the industry and the quality of engineering that we both pride ourselves on. The project will showcase our continuous drive for innovation when it comes to metering computer systems in the Oil and Gas sector. I would like to thank Technica for inviting Swinton Technology to partner them in this project and we look forward to working together.”

The development and protection of assets like the Nether Kellet and Aberdeen Compressor stations is of great importance for the sector, National Grid and the wider communities it serves. Swinton Technology are delighted to be involved with and bring our expertise to this project.

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