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12 Apr 2016

At our UK office right now we have quite a lot of OMNI 6000 flow computing projects nearing completion. Most of these OMNIs are destined for Saudi Arabia.

We also have one very significant project under development using the S600+ flow computer, to be commissioned in the Irish Sea later this year.

Here are some photos taken in our workshop today.

OMNI 6000 flow computers in new metering panels.

These flow computers are handling metering across three skids, covering a total of eighteen turbine streams - all sharing one common bi-directional prover. With four flow computers per metering skid, each flow computer is handling 3 streams plus bi-directional proving functionality. Aramco compliant, the system adopts redundant PLCs as well as a redundant TruST metering supervisory computer, with a Citect user interface.

Eighteen S600+ flow computers with a TruST metering supervisory computer

Due to space restricitions at the offshore platform, the third panel bay was constucted with a reduced width, and the S600+ flow computers are remote mounted inside the metering panel to keep the number of bays to a minimum. We have also built in front of panel test points, to allow site technicians to break into field loops for signal testing, without having to gain access to the metering panel internals.

OMNI flow computers with an array of simulation for testing and training

Testing on live systems is not always feasible, and travel to an integrators facility for training is not ideal for many operators. For one of our GCC clients we have developed the above simulation and training arrangement for their in-house use. Flow computers 1 and 2 are both multi stream liquid turbine applications, with bi-directional proving functionality. Flow computer 3 is simulating two gas orifice metering streams. A single PLC is housed within the panel to simulate stream and prover MOV control.

OMNI 6000 flow computers with Allan Bradley PLC arrangement 

The flow computers are all running condensate metering applications, operating as duty/standby pairs. The system is designed to be Aramco compliant, with redundant Allan Bradley PLCs and a TruST metering supervisory computer operating on dual industrial servers with a desk-mounted workstation. This metering computer system will be mounted into existing metering panels once on site, so the equipment is currently set up in our custom in-house designed panels, to facilitate effective simulation and testing at our office.

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