TruST is a custom built Metering Supervisory Computer (MSC) offered exclusively by Swinton Technology Ltd. TruST has a proven global install base and excels in providing an intuitive metering focal point for engineers, operators and technicans.

As TruST is maintained entirely by Swinton Technology we offer a wide range of customisation, and we continually develop the range of benefits TruST can offer.

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  • Integrates with all major flow computer types
  • Communicates with a wide range of measurement devices
  • Extensive library of mimics, to suit most metering applications
  • Secure access through staged approvals and individual logins
  • Alarm and report management to industry standards
  • Duty standby, pay check and fully redundant architectures
  • Supervisory driven valve control via flow computer or PLC
  • Third party data links over Modbus, OPC or other protocols
  • A range of prover, sampler and batch sequencing applications


  • Fully integrated Prognosis DP meter diagnostics
  • Integrated GCAS - Gas Chromatograph Analyisis Software
  • Supports a Precise virtual flow computing solution
  • Independent stream and station totalisation
  • Customised metering displays, alarms and reports
  • Supervisory generated flow and time weighted averages
  • Automated stream switching or flow balancing
  • Embedded Pronounce alarm annunciator
  • Flow computer constants management and download

Flow Computer Independent

At Swinton Technology we don’t manufacture flow computer hardware, leaving us free to offer the most suitable technology to match our customers needs.

TruST is unique in its ability to integrate with a full range of different flow computer types, making it an effective choice for all oil or gas measurement installations.

TruST interfaces with a wide range of flow computers

Our project engineering teams are experienced in the configuration of a wide range of flow computers, including the S600+, OMNI 6000, Flow-X, Ex~I SFC 3000 and Summit 8800. TruST has already been adopted with each of these flow computers, and has the capacity to be adopted alongside an even wider range of flow measurement devices using Modbus Serial, TCP/IP or OPC protocols.

Designed For Metering

For most operators the Metering Supervisory Computer represents the focal point for accessing and monitoring measurement performance data. Linked directly to the flow computers and associated instruments it is a window for assessing the ongoing and historic performance of metering runs, streams, even a number of different skids, all in one place.

At Swinton Technology we don't rely on generic software. Our MSC is 100% developed in-house, meaning we tailor TruST to match specific operator requirements. All metering systems have a unique set of prevailing conditions and therefore they need a truly bespoke metering supervisory system to accurately reflect this. That is what TruST has been designed to deliver.

TruST metering control system overview display

TruST probably goes further than any other MSC in providing the operator with access to important measurement data, as well as giving wider control of key metering system functionality.

You would expect to have control of flow computers via your supervisory and to be presented with associated flow rates. You would also expect reports to be generated, a mimic of your metering skid to be shown and for alarms to be raised in cases of measurement error. But how many Metering Supervisory Computers also offer an extensive range of enhanced metering control options, including flow balancing, line switching, batching, sampling and proving applications - all driven from the MSC workstation?

TruST is capable of providing all of these functions and more.

Integrated Solutions

Our range of unique metering solutions are also fully integrated with our TruST metering supervisory computer, including the patented Prognosis and GCAS solutions. 

Integration of condition based monitoring software in the metering control system

Prognosis and GCAS are both Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) solutions, for DP meters and Gas Chromatographs respectively, which allow operators to reduce their maintenance costs and limit their exposure to performance and mismeasurement errors. GCAS also uses calibration data to calculate uncertainty for gas chromatographs, the only software package to provide this.

Our Precise virtual flow computing solution is also an integrated feature of the TruST metering supervisory computer. Using the ST103A Data Acquisition Module as a high precision I/O device, Precise can provide fiscally accurate flow measurement for oil, gas and allocation metering, in compliance with ISO, API, EI and OIML standards.

Even More Benefits

TruST is also able to provide secure stream and station totalisation, independent from those values produced at the flow computer level.

The supervisory reads up core measurement data from the flow computer and uses this to perform its own set of totals. In case of flow computer failure all metering data is securely stored in the TruST metering database, including any historic period reports, alarms, or supervisory generated totals.

Flow and time weighted averages can also be provided by TruST, and again configured to suit specific end user requirements. Station averages can be also be provided, wherby process data across a number of streams is calculated, displayed and reported for the operator.

Available in a range of different hardware arrangements TruST is a capable MSC solution for both small and large system architectures.

TruST Clients

Our TruST Metering Supervisory Computer is already adopted by these major global operators.

TruST metering control system clients

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