Prognosis is a unique, powerful, and industrially proven condition based monitoring (CBM) solution for differential pressure (DP) meters, providing real-time meter validation and hence greatly reducing the risk of exposure due to measurement errors.

As well as providing assurance of the meter accuracy for any type of DP Meter (Orifice, Venturi, Cone, Wedge, Flow Nozzle etc.), Prognosis can be used as a basis for a risk based maintenance strategy as encouraged in the UK by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA).

Swinton Technology supplies Prognosis in exclusive partnership with DP Diagnostics LLC. Proven in both independent laboratory tests and live field trials in both the UK and the USA, Prognosis has already been adopted by major oil and gas operators around the world for use on both fiscal and non-fiscal DP meters, both onshore and offshore.

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Prognosis - How does it Work?

Plate Meter

Simplified diagram of a Venturi meter with instrumentation 

An additional downstream pressure tap allows measurement of 3 different DP values across the meter body (rather than the traditional single DP).

Prognosis software uses these three DP readings along with other process data and meter geometry data to calculate 7 different diagnostic results which are compared with allowable uncertainties to assure correct meter operation. The calculations are based on well understood fluid mechanics principles and  published industry standards – further details are available within white papers located in the download section of this website.

DPD Prognosis ·

A simple live diagnostics plot is shown on the Prognosis software user interface:

  • Alarms are raised when results indicate incorrect meter operation
  • The system is able to distinguish between a primary meter body based physical problem and a secondary instrumentation problem
  • Where a system fault condition cannot be precisely diagnosed, alarm descriptions “shortlist” potential problems
  • Multiple meters can be monitored from a single software interface
  • Diagnostic results and alarm statuses can be transmitted to higher level supervisory / control systems or emailed accordingly

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