TruST is a custom built Metering Supervisory Computer (MSC) offered exclusively by Swinton Technology Ltd.

TruST has a proven global install base and excels in providing an intuitive metering focal point for engineers, operators and technicians. 


A unique Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) software for Differential Pressure meters.

This user-friendly software package displays clear diagnostic results, providing real time mis-measurement alerts and accuracy assurance.


Swinton Technology and Honeywell developed MeterSuite to provide fiscal and allocation metering computer system functionality utilizing standard Honeywell Experion DCS hardware and software - as an alternative to utilizing flow computers and bespoke supervisory computer systems


Swinton Technology has partnered with
i-Vigilant Technologies to provide GCAS.

A patented condition based monitoring software designed to report on the accuracy and uncertainty of your gas chromatograph.