ST502i MultiMode Metering Simulator


The Swinton Technology ST502i Multimode Metering Simulator is the latest generation of signal generators capable of a large variety of functions. Not only does is combine the functions of the ST500 Dual Pulse Simulator and the ST501 Densitometer Simulator, it also provides the following new features:

  •  Modbus-USB interface, with a “SimMeter” HMI package that can be installed on a PC/Laptop
  •  SimMeter Programmable batch profiles facility enables user defined batch profiles to be simulated.
  •  Gas Turbine Mode allowing the ratio pulse rates of Gas Turbine Meters to be simulated
  •  Prover Simulator Mode allows Dual Chronometry testing, currently the only simulator available on the market with this functionality – typically for small volume Prover applications. Capable of proving in various modes including Uni-directional  / Bi-directional and local / remote operation.

The ST502i is one of a range of new generation simulators designed to meet the requirements for checking and calibrating fiscal and custody transfer flow computer systems. This range combines up-to-date microprocessor and Direct Digital Synthesis technology with easy to use menu driven LCD operation.

The units are mains/battery powered for convenience and are supplied with a comprehensive set of leads and adaptors for easy connection in all test environments.

ST502i - Technical Datasheet