ST107 Redundancy Module


The ST107 was specifically designed to facilitate the use of Floboss S600 and FloBoss S600+ flow computers in a redundant configuration.

The module is commonly used when a customer wants to replace numerous single stream flowcomputers with a reduced number of multi-stream flowcomputers and through its use the associated panel wiring requirements are dramatically reduced so enabling the existing panel to be retained which significantly reduces the associated project cost, project and risk and downtime.

Field inputs (digital, pulse, frequency and analogue) are passed to both the duty and standby flowcomputers via the ST107.

Only the duty flowcomputer analogue, digital and pulse outputs signals are transmitted from the ST107.

The ST107 is a DIN rail mounted module.

The ST107 detects the health of each flowcomputer and monitors the position of a four position rotary key-switch in order to determine which flowcomputer is the duty machine and provides an output signal to the flowcomputers to inform them accordingly. In addition the flowcomputers each provide output signals representing their own health to the other flowcomputer.

The following table defines the function of each key-switch position.

Position Service Function
1 B PRIORITY FC B will be duty if FC A and FC B are both healthy
2 B MANUAL FC B will always be duty even if it is unhealthy
3 A PRIORITY FC A will be duty if FC A and FC B are both healthy
4 A MANUAL FC A will always be duty even if it is unhealthy


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