ST106 Turbine Meter Preamps


The ST106 is a Swinton Technology turbine meter pre-amplifier (Pre-amp) designed to convert the low voltage sinusoidal signal generated from a flow meter picking coil into a square wave signal that can be transmitted over significant distances. 

Many systems utilise Spectra-Tek F106 pre-amplifiers housed in an H27 enclosure.

Swinton Technology can still supply the F106 pre-amplifier but the H27 enclosure is no longer available. Swinton Technology can supply ATEX certified enclosures that are suitable for mounting F106 or ST106 pre-amps.

The ST106 Pre-amp is electrically compatible with the older Spectra-Tek F106 and IS106 Preamps but has additional output options:

  • 2 wire connect pulse
  • 3 wire voltage pulse
  • Open collector output
  • 2 wire differential output

The F106 Pre-amp and the later ST106 Pre-amp, when used with the 869M, S500, S600 or s600+ flowcomputers have the ability to both detect and alarm on a circuit break either between the Pre-amp and the pickup coil or between the Pre-amp and the flowcomputer.


Fidelity and Security of Pulses

The Standards IP252/76, ISO6551 and API CHS all describe 5 methods of pulse security designated A to E

Level A:  Dual pulses, continuously compared for frequency and phase and automatic connections

Level B:  Dual pulses continuously compared for frequency and phase. The A pulse is used for totalisation and the B pulse for comparison.

Level C:   Dual pulse. Numerical comparison of pulse trains automatically at specified intervals. The A pulse train is used for totalisation and the B pulse train for comparison.

Level D:   Single Pulse.  Manual comparison at specified intervals between, totalisation and secondary readout.

Level E:   Single pulse relies on correctly installed equipment only