Interconnection Units


The Interconnection Units* (ICUs) are a range of tools exclusively designed, developed and used by Swinton Technology to facilitate the upgrade of legacy flow computing metering systems.

The ICU’s typically mount on the rear of a new flowcomputer and result in the combined new flow computer and ICU being electronically and mechanically compatible with the flow computer that it is replacing. Consequently the new combined unit can simply replace the flowcomputer that is being replaced hence negating the need to replace the existing panel or for the plant to be shut down in order to upgrade the system; hence reducing plant down time, reducing project risk and reducing associated costs.

* These units are exclusively available as a system component only on a Swinton Technology supplied solution.


Key Benefits

  • Simple and rapid replacement - less than five minutes per flow computer
  • No need for panel wiring change - unit converts signal levels accordingly
  • No need for panel mechanical changes - fits into existing flowcomputer cut-out