MeterSuite provides metering computer system functionality using standard Honeywell DCS hardware and software; hence enabling metering computer system to be fully integrated within a DCS using a single technology and negating the need for bespoke flowcomputers and Metering Supervisory Computers (MSC’s).

MeterSuite was designed by DCS experts and leading oil & gas metering engineers and combines  the best of two worlds:

  1.  From Honeywell: the advanced technology, features and support you would expect from a leading DCS supplier with extensive experience in industrial automation and control.
  2.  From Swinton Technology: the leading force in engineering flow metering control systems with a vast pool of engineers that have worked with oil & gas fiscal/custody transfer metering systems for over 20 years.

With MeterSuite systems there is no need to design, implement and test the data transfer between the MSC and DCS as through the use of Honeywell’s Distributed Server Architecture (DSA) technology the metering data is automatically available within the DCS

  • MeterSuite is MID and OIML certified.


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